Treat Sunburn with Natural Home Remedies

burnWhen you spend too much time in the sun, without the proper protection for your skin, there are good chances that you will suffer from sunburn.

Sunburn causes the skin to sting and become very sensitive and turn red and ugly. There are fortunately a number of natural ways to treat sun burnt skin using remedies that are always available in most homes.

When sunburn is on your face, a very effective remedy can come from the application of a paste made from milk, the white of an egg, some drops of olive oil and barley powder to give it a base. You can also use butter milk and tomato juice in a proportion of six to one to make a remedy that helps the skin to heal quickly.

If you do not like to apply pastes and other liquids on your face, refrigerate cabbage or lettuce leaves and apply them on the skin that is sun burnt. You will find that this really is very soothing and not too difficult to put on.

One of the first things to do after you have returned home from your day at the beach or elsewhere and find that you have a case of mild sunburn, is to have a bath with cold water that has had rose water, peppermint oil or sandalwood oil added to it. If the sunburn is a bit more severe, see that you keep your body immersed in the water for at least twenty minutes.

You can also add some oatmeal to cold water, about five tablespoons, as this can reduce irritation very quickly. Apply used tea bags or cucumber slices to areas under the eyes and on the cheeks, as they have curative properties, which you may also find in potatoes and tomatoes.

Vinegar is a home remedy that is used for a lot of problems, and for sunburn, what you need to do is to take a bucket of cold water and add a ½ teaspoon of vinegar to it. Use a clean and soft cloth, soak it in this water and apply it to all the parts affected by the sun. You can also make a solution from water and milk in equal parts and use it in the same way. You can also use cucumber juice and milk to make a solution that you can use.

Next time you go out for a day in the sun, see that your skin is properly protected with sunscreen, or if you want a natural way of doing this, you can use a paste of aloe vera leaves to give you adequate preparation to face the sun.

And needless to say, if your sunburn is severe then you really should see a doctor just to be on the safe side.