Women Do Like Working Out Too You Know

gymwomenFor any woman who has been to a ‘serious’ gym, you’ll already know how make dominated they can be.

I’ve been to a few, and whilst most of the big beefy guys don’t mind a woman who knows what she is doing, some are a bit less tolerant. It’s as if this is their male space and you’re not really allowed in it. I’m sure the grunts get louder and the weights get bigger 🙂

I’m not built up in any way, not like some incredible female bodybuilders (general views range from sheer beauty to odd derogatory words). I just like to tone up my muscles and have a bit of definition and extra strength.

I don’t go in for all the supplements and things that a lot of athletes like to use. I just eat healthy for that.

But one thing that I have been testing out is creatine (yes, creatine is for women too). Which is a fairly natural supplement — our bodies do produce it (womens as well, Twitter) — and I was curious after many discussions with other gym regulars who us it, but significantly no women.

So far the results are very interesting. I definitely have more energy – which is the main reason to be using creatine. The idea is you can work longer and/or harder in the gym. Which is what gives you the results of course. A nice strong coffee certainly helps for an energy boost, but this goes further than that. I’m surprised and impressed. I don’t know if I’ll keep using it longer term, but it’s fun to find out some of these things do actually work — for women too.